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Coaches Testimonials


"Trent is one of the finest young men I have coached.  He was a tremendous leader and student of the game. Trent’s knowledge of basketball fundamentals and strategy provided a framework on which he became our team leader.  He was an outstanding point guard at Appleton East and worked hard every day to improve his game. 

Trent is now helping players develop their skills.  I have watched Trent work with and teach several players. I was thoroughly impressed.  He is outstanding at teaching ball-handling and the corresponding footwork
( perimeter and post ) necessary to be an effective ball handler.  Trent also breaks down the shot as well as any young coach I have seen.  He is super positive with his students. Trent does a great job of identifying player strengths and weaknesses. He helped every player I watched him coach get better. 

Trent has my highest recommendation as a skill development coach.  He is currently working with players from Appleton East and Kimberly High Schools.  The feedback from these players has been very positive.  Time spent with Trent is time players will find very valuable."

Coach John Mielke-(Appleton East Boys Varsity Coach, Kimberly Boys Varsity Assistant Coach)

reid ouse.jpg

"As I've gotten to know Trent it is evident that he is incredibly passionate about helping players get better. The combination of his personality and his work ethic are going to help him climb the ladder in the industry."

Reid Ouse - NBA Skills Trainer


"I have only heard great things about Trent and the work he has put in with some of my players and my daughter. It's clear he does things the right way. He understands and focuses on the little things that can make a big difference in player development. He has great character and I can tell he truly cares about each of his players that he trains."

Lucky Wurtz- Kimberly Boys Varsity Head Coach


"Trent’s attention to detail and game applicable training is second to none. He understands how to motivate athletes, works them hard and runs extremely efficient and game like trainings. I have seen how the skills players learn in his trainings translate into games first hand with my own children’s training with Trent. He studies the game he teaches and tailors workouts for the individual needs of each player. I can’t say enough good things about Trent! I just wish I would have found him sooner for my kids!" 

Angie Murphy- Verona Girls Varsity 

Player Testimonials


Bryce Prochaska- UW-Parkside

"Trent has been the best thing for my basketball career. He really helped me develop my game while still working on my strengths. He is the best trainer in Madison by far and he takes the time to get better at his craft.  Even though this is his job to train you if you work with Trent he is going to give you his all and care for you even off the court.  The relationship I built with Trent is way bigger than basketball and he will be a friend of mine for years to come." 

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